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CostCertified™ technology is beneficial to both the contractor and their client.

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No-contact sales® approach (no physical contact necessary)

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Reduce Estimating time by 78%, no more wasting precious time

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Build & send highly accurate quotes in minutes

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    Know your Profit

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    Make more money from upgrades

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    Increase bookings & profit

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    Win more jobs

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    Real-time interactive proposals that your customers can use to upgrade, buy, change + track progress

What does it look like?

Crush your competition with dynamic proposals, Live Upgrades and a Virtual showroom. Create accurate proposals for any sized job in minutes.

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Live, Interactive Quotes

  • Stop wasting time with estimates
  • Every line item built in for highest accuracy
  • Build assemblies once, change your life forever
  • E-commerce quotes your customers will love
  • Totally customizable
  • Add optional items for upgrades


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main problem CostCertified is solving for the contractor?

We provide a web platform that simplifies the estimating process from ~2 hrs to less than 10 min. We also provide digital construction proposals that eliminate the need for allowance pricing so that the consumer can upgrade, downgrade or add optional items in real-time while seeing the difference in price.

Are all my costs accounted for in each estimate?

Yes, CostCertified is a cost-first approach to estimating. You’ll be able to track all your line items throughout the entire project related to actual costs and profit margins. The more you use CostCertified the more accureate your future estimates will become. You really need to start using it to appreciate it (I know we keep saying it, but there's nothing quite like it).

What do you mean by interactive estimates?

Interactive estimates are one of the best parts of CostCertified! Your customers will absolutely love them. The idea is that your estimates are actually "live" and your customers is given a link they click on to view the estimate. The estimate has all your costs baked in including optional items for upgrades. So your customer can literally play around with the estimate and see the price adjust in real-time. Say good-bye to boring, static estimates! Watch your conversions sky rocket and upgrades soar through the roof.

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“The Future is here!”

I would like to congratulate the team behind all of this. Great work. This team has made my life so much easier I hope it can be the same for all of the people trying out this software as well.


- Nashaly L.


“Overall, Great experience!”

I was worried about being able to follow the system but soon realized my high school education would be more than enough to follow the process. They have made it very simple. I didn't need to call the support line. That surprised me!


- Chad J.

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