From simple shapes to complex structures, from concept sketches to professional presentations, realistic design software can help home building and remodeling professionals expedite sales. With easy-to-use software, you can save time in drafting projects while getting stunning photorealistic 3D visuals in no time. If coupled with cost estimate software, efficient home design software can help you streamline the complete pre-sales phase.

Expedite sales length with 3D renderings

3D renders are often used by professionals throughout the new home or remodeling projects sales process. They provide an immersive experience for potential buyers, allowing them to visualize their future home in detail before it is even built.

Additionally, 3D renderings offer greater flexibility when it comes to customization and can be used to showcase different design options or highlight certain features of a property that may not be visible from floor plans alone.


How 3D design software can help streamline your sales process


Some home design software, like Cedreo, comes with easy-to-use interfaces which make it intuitive to draw floor plans, even for non-drawing specialists, thus saving time while creating amazing results quickly. It will offer extensive customization options that allow you to create unique designs based on your own ideas and vision in no time. You will have access to realistic textures and colors that can take your design creations to the next level. Your 3D images will be incredibly detailed and lifelike.

How 3D design software can help streamline your sales process

This can help housing professionals reduce the time and cost associated with sales materials, while also providing more detailed information about the property: 2D and 3D floor plans and 3D visuals. The 3D visualization will help clients picture themselves in their future space, potentially with the different design options that may be proposed, in a much more intuitive way than with a simple floor plan.


How 3D design software can help streamline your sales process


SaaS software, being available online, makes it easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection - making it ideal for quick modifications, even during meetings with your clients. They can make informed decisions and it avoids any doubts before the project can actually begin. The deal can be closed faster if your clients are reassured with a visual experience.

Limit back and forths

Outsourcing the drawings and creation of 3D renderings seems to be a sound solution to managing home design projects. Nevertheless, professional services, the cost of hiring an architect or interior designer, is often expensive and out of reach for many professional budgets. It is also the start of a long process of back and forth with the architect or design agency to meet your client’s needs and budget. 


By using the right professional home design software, you can save both time and money on professional services. Drawing by yourself shouldn’t take long if you choose the right software. An easy-to-use interface will help speed up the workflow.  Before you start looking for home design software, it's important to understand your workflow and what type of features you need in order to successfully complete your projects faster. Once you have an idea of your workflow, then you can narrow down the options available and find the software for your specific needs. By integrating it into your sales process, you’ll be able to be more reactive and accurate to meet your client's expectations. This will lead to a better customer experience and a trustful relationship will be established before the project actually begins.

How 3D design software can help streamline your sales process


Estimate with accuracy

A 3D design software, for new builds or remodeling projects, coupled with construction cost estimating software can become a powerful sales tool. By providing customers with an accurate and visual 3D representation of their future homes, homeowners can visualize the layout, materials, finishes, fixtures, and more in real time. The cost estimating software will provide detailed estimates for each element within the build so that customers can understand exactly how much it would cost to complete their project depending on the options they choose.

To conclude

The right combination of tools will help you streamline the entire sales process of selling new houses or remodeling projects. It helps buyers make informed decisions about whether or not they want to move forward with the purchase, reducing overall sales times by allowing customers to make more educated decisions in less time. The sales materials provided also eliminate any surprises that may arise during construction which could potentially delay completion times and add additional stress to the customer’s experience.


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