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CostCertified now integrates with Cedreo!

Draw and design your home project with Cedreo and upload it on CostCertified to build an accurate estimate.

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Start with Cedreo

Start with Cedreo

  • Draw floor plans intuitively in 2D, get instant 3D visualization
  • Wow your clients with lightning-fast photo-realistic 3D home renderings
  • 2 hours is all it takes to better communicate your design vision with clients, speed up sales and grow your business.
Start with Cedreo

Finish with CostCertified

  • No more paper or inaccurate estimates
  • Build your estimate in only 7 mins
  • More than double your revenue with dynamic proposals, live upgrades and a virtual showroom

Get your home projects designed and estimated with the CostCertified+Cedreo integration

Contractor Benefits

  • Streamlined sales experience from design to estimates
  • Get an instant edge by providing home buyers with a newly created 3D floor plan, complete with costs in under 2 hours
  • Time-saving 3D home design process
  • Stop outsourcing to expensive design firms
  • Speed up your sales process with photo-realistic 3D home renderings that wow clients
  • Accurate and customizable automatic quotes
  • Turn excruciating hours of administrative work of estimates, to about 7 min
  • Have more time to focus on what really matters

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