Customer Success Story - Basement Builders

Aug 18, 2022 2:08:52 PM

Matthew is the owner of Basement Builders, one of the largest companies in Southern Alberta that specializes in basement renovations. 


Matthew used to do his quotes with Microsoft Excel where he created a spreadsheet for estimating. His biggest pain was that they were all struggling with keeping track of versions, tracking changes and customer approvals over time. Prices would frequently change from suppliers, distributors, and subcontractors, and they would update the spreadsheet. However, subsequently, they would utilize the wrong file version, using the wrong costs. At a certain point, Matthew realized that the cost of mistakes was too high. Also, because of the need to double-check and the fear of inaccuracies, estimating each quote took a few hours. Same with change-orders and re-estimates.


When Matthew was introduced to CostCertified, everything changed! Watch the video below to hear his story!


To begin with, he could finally send quotes that were not just words but real dynamic ones with pictures and descriptions. Only this change gave him a chance to make more money through CostCertified's live upgrades and allowed the company to offer specialty things because it was very simple to do. CostCertified's customer success team gave Matthew the chance to offer customers fully customized options for each of their selections also building and saving high-margin upgrades into their items so that they could tempt their customers with them and of course maximizing their revenue too.  


Furthermore, Matthew loved that he could finally see when his customers opened the quote, that he was able to always see that the price in line without missing anything and that having his entire accounting through the system allowed his company to be more profitable from the very first day they started using it. 


After only 18 months Basement Builders doubled their revenue and actually offered CostCertified to pay double to keep their primary competitor out of CostCertified because they recognized the value it brings to their business.  


So, if you are like Basement Builder, and you’re searching for a construction estimating software that will reduce your quoting time and increase your revenue, maybe all you need to do is change the way you estimate?
When you’re ready to do just that, the team at CostCertified is ready to show you what the future of construction estimating looks like. Book here your demo!