Create A Virtual Showroom Right Within Every Estimate By Providing Real-Time Selections

May 28, 2021 12:00:00 AM
Do you sell custom cabinets and want an easier way to create accurate estimates? Imagine a scenario where you have a customer walk into your showroom... it's the wife looking at cabinets while her husband is at work. She's browsing your showroom, making selections.... the sales person is taking notes. In today's world, the sales person would spend a considerable amount of time after to create an accurate quote that is static & vague. The husband comes home and they view a static quote with a static price. Any changes they want they need to go back and make different selections and the sales person has to adjust the estimate.
Now imagine a world where the wife goes home and before she even arrives she's got a quote to her email inbox. She clicks the link from any device and is instantly brought into a virtual showroom right within an estimate... basically, she's brought the showroom home with her. Her selections are already pre-selected with a price but when her husband gets home they can make changes and see the price change in real-time.
There's no better buying experience for the customer. CostCertified is empowering cabinet companies to send fast, accurate quotes while providing a virtual showroom experience right within the estimate that is unlike anything else. The result is the cabinet company sends more estimates and wins more business
Watch Detailed Video to Learn More:
P.s. Normally linear based pricing is not very accurate, with CostCertified you can break down the components of your cabinets to get a really accurate price based on dimensions. Watch the video to learn more.
Also, even though this post is about custom cabinets, you can apply the CostCertified quoting engine to pretty much any vertical or niche (i.e. flooring, countertops, decks, railings, etc.). Why not transform the buying experience of your customer from something static to a dynamic, digital, interactive one?