5 Secrets Contractors Use to Easily Run Their Remodeling Business

Jan 14, 2022 12:00:00 AM
The remodeling industry has grown a lot over the last five years, especially since the onset of the pandemic. With so many people spending more time at home, it's become essential for consumers to create a space they can thrive in, and your remodeling business can help them do exactly that.
To help others, though, you have to help yourself. Luckily, we're here to talk about five of the biggest things you can do to improve your renovation business.
Read on to learn everything you need to know.

1. Invest in Your Brand

You've probably heard the phrase, "You have to spend money to make money," and that's no different when you own a construction company. If you want to earn more business, you have to place an emphasis on your branding.
Good work and word-of-mouth marketing can help your business a lot, but a good digital marketing strategy can help you get to the next level.
Giving potential clients access to your services, work portfolio, and even online customer service means you're transparent, and they're more likely to want to work with you. You're also accessible and easy to communicate with, which means they know they're not going to have to chase you down throughout the building process.
The easier you make it for others to interact with you, and the more appealing your brand, the easier time you're going to have with converting leads.

2. Place Focus On Training

To start, you should hire dependable, knowledgeable, and skilled employees, but education and training don't have to stop there. The construction industry is constantly creating new equipment and technology, and it's up to you to train your employees on whatever you decide to implement.
They also have to be able to work well together on a job site, meaning everyone needs to know the role they play among their teams.
When you place a heavy focus on training, you give everyone a chance to thrive.

3. Have Systems Set in Place

If you're new to the industry and you're taking on customers before you're ready, they're likely to notice. That's why it's important to have systems set in place before you start taking on a larger number of clients.
Take estimates, for example. Investing in great estimation software is the perfect way to ensure a customer's trust in your projects. You can take it a step further by offering itemized estimates. Not only are you being transparent about the price of the service, but you're being specific about the services you intend to carry out.
Rather than making your customer feel like they have to blindly trust you, invest time and money into implementing easy and transparent processes that allow everyone to know exactly what's going on as it's happening.
The clearer you are with your customers, the more likely they are to return to you for services and recommend your business to their friends and family.

4. Respond, Don't React

Whether it's a bad customer review or an employee having a bad work experience, it's important to respond to rough patches instead of reacting. You also can't sit back and expect work to simply fall into your lap, and the same goes for great employee and customer experiences.
You have to create effective responses to negative situations, and you have to proactively search out new business opportunities. That means constantly asking employees about how can improve your processes, and reaching out to different prospects in order to find out if they're in need of your services.

5. Don't Be Afraid of Change

Once you have any information you might need about potential employee complaints or even customer reviews, it's time to make changes when they're needed.
This is an essential part of owning any kind of business, but especially one in construction. Mastering this is only going to help you grow and become a more effective business owner, but it's also going to help your employees in the long run. It's important that with any change, you ensure your team knows the protocols before they go into effect.
Whether these changes are going to affect their daily work life or not, you want to ensure they're caught up with what's going on in your business. This lets them know that you not only care about what they have to say but that you want them to be involved in the process that comes with the change.

6. Have Empathy

This is something a lot of remodeling companies overlook, but it's something that can make the entire remodel process easier on homeowners. This entire process can be a taxing one for homeowners, and the more aware you remain of that, the more trust they're going to have in you and your business.
Whether you realize it or not, your clients are allowing you into their homes, and they're trusting you to make specific changes to it. A lot of the time, your clients are going to be living in the space you're remodeling, and there are a surprising amount of ways you can accomplish your work without completely disrupting their daily lives.
Now, that isn't to say you shouldn't set boundaries with your clients and let them know what you need while working, but carrying empathy into your work is going to make the process easier for everyone involved.

Ready to Run Your Remodeling Business Like the Pros?

Now that we've gone over a few of the best tips to help you run your remodeling business, it's time to get started. Whether you're new to the industry or you're simply looking to revamp a few of your old processes, you can use these tips to your advantage.
The most important thing to remember about being a business owner is that there is no one thing you're going to master immediately. There is always something to learn and improve upon.
That's one thing we love to help you do. Give CostCertified a try today to help your business instantly.